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Pianist. Keyboardist. Arranger. Teacher.

"His music gives me astral goosebumps."
  — Visionary Artist Alex Grey

I am honored to be making my debut at the famed Minton's Playhouse accompanied by one of my truly dear friends and artistic collaborators, inimitable ballet and tango dynamo Elisa Toro Franky. Join us for an evening of music, dance, and celebration of life at this historic jazz venue! Click the banner above for reservations and more information.


Come step into a mystical realm on the last Saturday of every month with a delightful musical  performance by Stefan and self-proclaimed magical garden gnome and dear friend BenBen at Local Roots NYC!


Three fully choreographed solo piano arrangements captured at the heart of the pandemic. Featuring dancers Elisa Toro Franky and Shoko Tamai. Directed by Ben Wigler .


Check out this exciting collaboration with the lovely and talented Hudson Valley-based singer Julia Green! You can catch Stefan and Julia rocking Journey, Whitney, Billy Joel, Elton John, and a host of other pop/rock classics throughout the greater New York area. Click the banner above for video, audio, and booking information!


Check out New Jersey-based singer/songwriter Ray Galindo and hear Stefan contributing piano, Hammond organ, harpsichord, and backup vocals to some of his latest releases!


A concert of original music, arrangements, and transcriptions interspersed with a lovely casual  conversation with Stefan that took place at the height of the pandemic. Old favorites, new music, and talk of the interdimensional ramifications of time travel.

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