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Private Lessons


I've been a private piano, voice, and guitar instructor for over twenty years now, and I have a deep commitment to helping children, adolescents, and adults alike identify, work toward, and achieve their musical goals. No two people are alike, and so nor should any two students be taught the same way. I've worked with people with physical and mental disabilities, young prodigies with professional aspirations, and every skill and commitment level in between. I don't believe music is for a select few; human artistic expression predates even civilization, and it should be viewed as an opportunity for every single one of us to explore and express ourselves musically and artistically!

In-Person Lessons

The most effective lessons are in-person weekly classes in my home studio in Inwood in northern Manhattan. Conveniently accessible by the A or 1 trains, Bx12-SBS, Metro North, or by car, this beautiful studio is a place for dedicated and inspired work and celebration of one of the things that makes us most human. Each object decorating the studio is carefully selected for its artistic beauty. My home contains a host of musical resources:

-Yamaha upright piano (regularly tuned and maintained)

-Casio PX-150 fully weighted 88-key keyboard

-Taylor 114-ce acoustic-electric guitar (lefty)

-Yamaha CG-111S classical guitar (lefty)

-Martin X-Series dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar (righty)

-Tongue drum

-An eclectic collection of sheet music


Video Lessons


Surprisingly, there is a tremendous amount that can be accomplished at a distance. Carefully selected webcam angles allow me to inspect each aspect of your technique to ensure that you are playing or singing in a manner that will help you achieve your short- and long-term goals. For many people who cannot reach quality instructors in person, this is an excellent option to help you along your musical journey.


Vocal Coaching

As both a pianist and singer myself, I have cultivated a keen sense of the unique needs that a singer requires when collaborating with a pianist. I also speak English, Italian, German, and Spanish, and so am able to help singers develop a comfortable relationship with each of these languages, both in speech and in singing.



I am an active performer in and around New York City and the Hudson Valley. I am available for hire for solo piano concerts or collaborations, background music, and for piano/keyboard studio session work and arrangements. All prices listed below are approximate, and are subject to adjustment on a case by case basis depending on factors such as location, length of service, and repertoire requested. If a piano or keyboard is not available on location, for an added fee I can bring and set up a professional-quality digital keyboard with internal speakers with me.

Studio Work & Arrangement

I've got a lot of experience working with people in recording sessions both in a professional and creative capacity. I have a formidable grasp of all of the "classic" keyboard instruments, including but not limited to analog synthesis, EPs, clavinet, Mellotron, and Hammond organs. I am a classically and jazz trained musician, and can fluently read music and lead sheets/chord charts, as well as figure things out fairly effortlessly by ear when called to do so.

If there is a particular song, be it one that you know and love or a song of your own composition, that you would love to learn how to play on the piano, I would be happy to create an arrangement at your ability level and send you a pdf. We can also discuss the possibility of expanding or elaborating the song in some way. An estimate of project price will be given in advance.


Background Music

Whether you are having an event at your home, restaurant, catering hall, or other location, background piano music can add ambiance and class, transforming the event utterly. I specialize in but am not limited to jazz standards, classic rock, classical repertoire, and modern hits. I am also very proficient at improvising in a variety of styles. Nearly any repertoire can be prepared in advance at your request with sufficient notice. I can perform a setlist of your choosing or put together a list of songs on my own, with the intention of specifically creating the mood you're looking for. We will discuss in advance what atmosphere you want at your event, and together decide on just what should be played to create that experience for you and your guests.


Solo Concerts & Collaboration

If you would like to hire me to play a solo concert or collaboration in classical, rock, or jazz style, please contact me for further details so that we can discuss location, repertoire, possible dates, as well as pricing. I know a host of other talented musicians who play various instruments, and if you have something in mind that I or any of my colleagues can contribute to, I/we would be happy to do so! The nature of a concert as opposed to background music is such that it requires a great deal of advance preparation, and so we must speak about the details in order to move forward.

Contact for pricing

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